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Choosing joy is not always easy. Choosing joy is actually often difficult but choosing joy is probably one of the few options we have some control over. It is my hope that my art may help fill you with some joy and help you to remember to choose it even when its hard.

Creating something has been a part of my family history for as far back as I know. Quilters, sewers, musicians, artists, woodworkers and dreamers all.  I am by definition self taught but I don't feel that is accurate because of the many teachers who have given me their wisdom and expertise and who have effected who I am as an artist. 

Born and raised in Canada but with a family history that reaches back to the Russian Ukraine as Mennonite farmers, we have known what it is to choose joy in hard times.  Our faith and our perseverance have been the firm pillars on which we stand and I pray I continue that legacy.

I am an en caustic and mixed media artist working in mediums that allow for a great deal of play.  Where I end up is never where I think I will or where I had intended to but never the less where I am and if it is on this web site than I liked the journey's conclusion.





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